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The side thats to the right of the left.

If you hold your right hand up and put all your fingers except your thumb and first finger, it makes a J, whereas the left hand makes an L in case your a dumbass who cant tell.
Look! My right is left of my left! or is it left of my right? It was east of my left, that's it!
by Kool GUy November 23, 2003
1. The direction to your east if you are facing north. One of two directions often confused for each other (the other is left).
2. The opposite of left.
3. A form of agreement, often used sarcastically, and sometimes used after 'yeah'.
4. A synonym of correct.
1. Turn right.
2. No, your other right.
3. p1 "I'm fifteen meters tall"
p2 "Right" or "Yeah right"
4. p1 "Is this correct?"
p2 "Yeah, that's right."
by peachykeen99 September 21, 2006
(archaic definition) Was common in the South, as well as from the Shakespearian era and later, used as an adverb which could be translated as ‘very’, though without sounding as corny (honestly, anyone who succumbs to using ‘very’, or for that matter the verb ‘to go’<has a lot of different meanings> on a regular basis must not have a very large vocabulary). You will never hear the word ‘right’ used in this manner anymore, except by either:

A) an extremely aged geezer from the Deep South;
B) someone who studies etymology or finds word history particularly interesting, perhaps a Southerner

You may come across it used in this sense in a novel pertaining to a timeperiod\setting when in ’twas used, such as To Kill A Mockingbird{TKM}.
"He tore right fast for the store."
"She’s one right smart girl."
by Victor Van Styn September 29, 2005
1. the act of being correct, agreement

2. rules that one has only for himself/herself
1. "That is the right answer"

2. "The Bill of Rights."
by Daniel 'Big Teddybear' Schroeder November 07, 2004
Proper, correct.
Since I got all the problems correct on my Trig study guide, I get to use it on the midterm and I get extra credit!
by RatchetBoo June 08, 2003
christopher robins
christopher is always right
by jessica April 13, 2004
How the person who put "r-y-t-e" as the pronunciation doesn't pronouce the word.
All r-y-ight-tee then
by Some random jerk September 28, 2003