A response to a statement, conversation, or action of others, and most commonly done out of annoyance, disgust, or hatred. First, observe another person's actions closely and once it becomes annoying let out a big "RIGHT."

Can also be used when the person you're saying "right" to does not know you exist. "Right" can be said under one's breath or in an extremely loud and disturbing manner. Saying "right" while alone is another favorite. Verbally repeating the statement or action made by the other person and followed with "right" is also common.

Also used with a question mark (?) and/or exclamation point (!). The easiest way to express scornfully one's low opinion of. A bitter response.

During a long drawn out speech/female explanation/monologue throw in "right" about 4 to 7 times quietly.
Build up from "right" to "RIGHT" gradually as shown in the examples.
Friend: So I was poundin' this chick right, and I got her legs up past her head and just when I was about to..."

Me: (Abruptly responds)
Right. Kinda poundin' like crazy, right? Gettin' yourself tons of pussy, Right?! RRRIIIIIIGGGGHHHTTTT!!!!!

Friend: (Quietly reading a newspaper)

Me: Right.............. (stares at friend uncomfortably). Kinda updatin' yourself with the rest of the world, right? You're like Mr. Current Affairs now, right?! Nevermind the fact that you dropped outta high school and ya don't know shit, right? RIIIGGGGHHHT.

Me: (Sitting alone in a quiet restaurant with only one other customer. That customer happens to be incredibly obese and eating a god-awful amount of food.)

(To myself while staring at the fat man)
Right? Piggin' out, right? Eatin' away at your life, right? Ya' got no hope for the future, right?! RIGHT!!
by Mr. Chavez July 30, 2009
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perfect, good, flawless
1) Damn nigga, you see that bitch?
2) Yeah homie, that ass is right
1) I bet I can hit
2) Nigga please
by N.I.G.G.A. April 08, 2005
A word you use when you're sort of indifferent to what a person is telling you. Often used as a bland filler in conversations. Frequently used in the phrases "I know right?" and "Right on!". Occasisonally said in a sarcastic manner.
1.)Shelley: So then Tony was all "I've always loved you forever" and isn't he the cutest? And I know we'll always be together, and isn't he the greatest? And you think he's hot don't you and oh yeah you still don't have a boyfriend but don't you think tony's the cutest?

Me: Right. (secretly rolling my eyes)

2.)Ryan: Jeez, that Shelley chik just goes on and on about herself and her pretentious boyfriend Tony.

Me: I know right?

3.)Shelley: Hey guess what? Tony's related to the Olson twins! Isn't that amazing?

Me: Oh, right on! (secretly thinking "NOT")
by lexeeeeeee May 29, 2007
Canadian and British slang implies real
That guy is a right tosser.
by Daniel April 09, 2005
well, it is a very complicated concept really. It is hard to explain in words so ill be leaving you wit this -----> that might be a clue. if not, i will understand. put up both of ur hands so the thumb and the pointer finger makes an "L" on each finger. Which ever "L" is facing the right way is left. Right is the other one. if u dont know ur alphabet than u wouldnt be able to read this anyway. if someone is reading this for u, then fuck that person. sphinkter boy
Ching: hey man, turn right at this next intersection. This is extremely important.
Wang: O.K. left it is.
by ice up da cornhole April 11, 2007
A sarcastic version of agreeing with someone about an argument.
"I ran out the door and there were 200 cows on my front lawn" -Derek

"right." -Sean
by Joe November 07, 2004
A question used to agree with someone
Jimmy: "How come all of these children are in my car?"
Dan: "Right?"
by Zack Downes May 06, 2009
Shortened form of "I know, right." Used to indicate agreement, often on such a level as to question the need for the statement being agreed to
"That guy tried to Lars me in court today!"
by boffus July 16, 2003

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