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Local dialect used in San Pedro, California, composed of slang terms usually, but not always, related to sailing and/or kicking ass on bass guitar. Spoken fluently by Mike Watt
Boffus found out about Pedro-speak from Watt's page.
by boffus July 16, 2003
1. Exclamation, meaning literally "I have found it", see eureka
2. Slang term for two people, usually one referring to the other
Origin is Pedro-speak, local dialect orginating in San Pedro, California, and practiced by Mike Watt, among others
1. Where is that chow? Boffus!"
2. "Get your dumb ass over here!"
by boffus July 16, 2003
Shortened form of "I know, right." Used to indicate agreement, often on such a level as to question the need for the statement being agreed to
"That guy tried to Lars me in court today!"
by boffus July 16, 2003
The area on the underside of the jaw between the throat and the chin
He tried to be a wise-ass, so I kicked him in the levee.
by boffus July 16, 2003
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