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Stands for Roommates For Life. RFL, the is pronounced Riffle. Usually is synoymous with "best friends." Can also be used to distinguish a satisfactory living arrangement.
I'm living with my Riffle next year, of course.
by Riffleses July 29, 2011
how an old man pronounces rifle
old man: hey kid have you ever shot a riffle
kid: have you ever got laid
by riffle June 17, 2009
Riffle is a type of card shuffle which is done by separating cards into two halves and interleaving them.
You can't get a job in Vegas if you can't riffle shuffle.
by Pollyanna September 23, 2006
Shuffling poker chips into a stack with one hand.
Poker players usually riffle their poker chips while waiting for their turn to play.
by Practice February 05, 2008