how an old man pronounces rifle
old man: hey kid have you ever shot a riffle
kid: have you ever got laid
by riffle June 17, 2009
Top Definition
Riffle is a type of card shuffle which is done by separating cards into two halves and interleaving them.
You can't get a job in Vegas if you can't riffle shuffle.
by Pollyanna September 23, 2006
Stands for Roommates For Life. RFL, the is pronounced Riffle. Usually is synoymous with "best friends." Can also be used to distinguish a satisfactory living arrangement.
I'm living with my Riffle next year, of course.
by Riffleses July 29, 2011
Shuffling poker chips into a stack with one hand.
Poker players usually riffle their poker chips while waiting for their turn to play.
by Practice February 05, 2008
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