an easier way of saying "fucking ridiculous"
The ass on her is absolutely ridonculous!
by stanley lonyea October 13, 2005
In the election of 2000 I was reading the paper one morning in early December and read something about how they hadn't counted all the ballots yet in Florida and I simply said out loud, "That is ridiculous. That is so ridiculous, it's ridonculous!" This, I believe, is the first time anyone ever used the word, to the best of my knowledge. It has spread like disease, though. I do think, however, we need to try and not overuse it. Some things are still simply ridiculous, not wholly ridonculous.
"You're an iron-clad beast-like machine with jaws of steel."
"I am not."
"Then you're Michael Jackson."
"OK, now that's just ridiculous."
"OK, then you're rhinocerous-like triceratops."
"THAT is riDONCulous!"
by William Valenti November 20, 2004
There is only one person on the earth that truely understands the meaning of this word. You must seek him out and pass his three trials if you are to know the answer.
That car is RIDONCULOUS!
by I have no name........ July 02, 2003
A word only ghey people use.
ghey as in Sully.
by Anonymous July 03, 2003

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