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To be beyond Ridiculous
Man that shit is the height of ridicularity
by Aussie Hoops May 24, 2007
7 1
Something so ridiculous, it's hilarious
Miss Teen USA contestant for South Carolina, Caitlin Upton, in her answer to the question of why 1 in 5 Americans can't locate their country on a map.

"The ridicularity of her answer floored me, how could anyone be so stupid?"
by cdevyn September 21, 2009
7 2
ridiculous and hilarity at the same time
your dad's dancing when he's a bit drunk is like total ridicularity!
by tootingtreacle October 27, 2010
2 0
A synergetic hybridization of "ridiculous" and "hilarity".
"Second Life is a cacophanous carnival of pure ridicularity."
by planarian_x33r0 January 03, 2010
1 0