To be Riddled means to be infected with some sort of sexual disease. Mostly used to describe slutty girls which you should stay clear of.
1. Gregor: Lads, I shifted Sara last night and ment to see her again tonight but now my throat is killing me.
Sean: Sara? Text her and tell her to check herself. She's bleedin Riddled!
#riddled #slut #slutty #wreck #check herself
by ClaraFloraKavy March 20, 2011
Riddled has many meanings. To be absoluty drunk off your head. To be really really hungover. To be with a girl. It means many things
I am fucking riddled ( drunk )
I am fucking riddled ( hungover )
Im going to riddle in to your one
Aw man i am riddled !! ( drunk , hungover )
#riddled #drunk #hungover #kissing #riding
by Smythyyy April 16, 2009
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