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Papap is an onomatopoeia referring to the sound of gunshots. It is usually accompanied by a hand gesture in the shape of a gun, rapidly thrusting up into the air and then down again. It is used at moments of excitement and thrills.
"Papapapapapapapapapapapapapapapap, bruv that was some sick shit!"
by Se LDN November 09, 2007
A mug of coffee that has had 20-30 tea-spoons of white granulated sugar added to it. It is made for it's taste and extreme energy boost.
"Damn this flubcoffee is sweeeet!"
by Se LDN November 09, 2007
origin: parvulus delectatio

This is the practice of sexual acts from an adult male to a young innocent boy.

There once was a man named Riddler,
who enjoyed the warmth of a tiddler,
he touched them all day, and forced them to stay,
in his bed that damn kiddy fiddler.

Riddling riddling riddling!
by Se LDN November 09, 2007

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