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A criminal who hires you to do something illegal and then drops hints about it to the authorities.
Why would the Riddler do this?
by rwpfister April 24, 2008
Rid-ler rid-lur

- Adjective

Used to describe an appearence or feeling of ones roughness. Believed to be invented by Reading band boydidgood.

Last night was a heavy one, i feel like an absolute riddler!

Why are you getting in there with her bruv she's a riddler
by Joseph Franzman December 02, 2009
When a dookie hits the side of the bowl first and curves around forming a signature question mark-looking shape
Dude! come look at this riddler before I flush it!
by JarrodB January 23, 2010
Typically refers to a guy who dresses in a completely inappropriate manner for a given social situation. In truth, a riddler cannot be defined, and is only fully understood once he is seen in person.
"Look at this fucking Riddler. Who the fuck wears white driving loafers, blue jeans, a tuxedo shirt, cardigan, and a god damn Yankees cap to a dive bar!?"
by Are2Dee2 November 22, 2010
A person who does stupid or weird things for no reason.
That riddler just turned the lights out in the Men's room.
by Bob Durkin March 02, 2006
When you love men but cant admit to doing so.......
That bloke who works one desk from the end called mark is definately a riddler
by SuperTrader March 05, 2009
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