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Someone with a large collection of STIs/STDS, usually coincides with lack of standards or morals.
"So I heard Louise slept with three different guys at your party!"
"Yeah, they musta been drunk, everyone knows Louise is riddled"
by Earl85 March 30, 2008
Someone who has an STI or contagious skin infection.
"She's riddled, I'd keep away from her if I were you."
by Wizard Of Olz June 22, 2005
One whom is infected with various and virulent STD's.
i'm not fucking his butt.. he's riddled..
by Silverbak June 25, 2005
To describe the how someone got hurt or beat up. the way to decribe how someone or somthing was ruined or wrecked.
" I got in a fight last night against three other guys and got riddled!"

by shoffner September 14, 2006
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