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The natural, although foul smelling, human reaction to something illogical to the max
"What would you do if your mum turned out to be a Albanian horse named Al Broncho Habsil?"
"I'd shit bricks."
by Earl85 April 01, 2008
Someone with a large collection of STIs/STDS, usually coincides with lack of standards or morals.
"So I heard Louise slept with three different guys at your party!"
"Yeah, they musta been drunk, everyone knows Louise is riddled"
by Earl85 March 30, 2008
To teabag, but with great dignity
"Dude i totally teabagged Wilma"
"No way man, she's way too uptight"
"Yeah, it was an Earl Gray"
by Earl85 March 31, 2008
Huff-tae(have to) - something which must be done
"Its one of my hufftaes"
by Earl85 April 02, 2008

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