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A man who was singing in the 1980's. He made a real popular song called "Never gonna give you up."

That song was real popular, and was featured in a number of different movies. One example would be the childrens comedy called "Who's in charge here?"
A lot of people thought he sounded black, but he really was a red headed guy.
by lunar shadows January 06, 2005
an unexpected outcome, a total surprise..

many thought that rick astley was a black vocalist-- but when the music video came out it was a pale redheaded boy.. thus pulling a rick astley
guy 1: yo dude how was the chick last night???
guy 2: she looked mad good on myspace.. but that bitch had a dick!
guy 1: that bitch pulled a rick astley on ur ass!!
guy 2: shit!!
by nori k June 10, 2007
Besides being one of the most successful british singer of the 80's with his popular 1987 hit "Never Gonna Give You Up" (and the rather funny and random Internet prank that it generated), Rick Astley is also, just like Longcat, Slowpoke and Pedobear, among others, an idol in the Internet. If you don't agree, then you're either: 1. a newfag, or 2. stupid.

If you've been rick rolled, don't rage! Enjoy the funny video and accept the fact that Astley just pwned the crap out of you.

He was born in 1966, and up to date keeps rick rolling people IRL, although has never been as famous as he was in the late 80's, and now admits his hit has a very stupid letter.

After YouTube made it an old meme in April, 2008, there have been numerous attempts to replace the prank. The most successful video so far has been the "Jizz in my Pants" song, whose creators power level is certainly not even close to that of Astley, but the "Jizz Roll" is on its way to success.
Rick Astley: Never gonna give you up!
Never gonna let you down!
Never gonna rund around, and desert you.
Never gonna make you cry!
Never gonna say goodbye!
Never gonna tell a lie, and hurt you.
Reader: OH SNAP!
by Yet another win definition January 11, 2009
He's no stranger to love.
You know the rules, and so does he
A full commitment's what he's thinking of
You wouldn't get this from any other guy
He just wants to tell you how he's feeling
Gotta make you understand
Rick Astley's never going to give you up, let you down, run around, desert you, make you cry, say goodbye, tell a lie, and hurt you.
by hashtag_hashtag February 23, 2015
Gay icon.
Sang songs such as Never Gonna Give You Up".
Has appeared in Family Guy.
Is now a meme, and he doesn't even know it!
"I was wanting this porn last night and ended up getting Rickroll'd"

"Hey Fred, what is that annoying but catchy song by that gay guy with the annoying hair?"
Fred: "Are you talking about Crazy Frog or Rick Astley?"

by dolanlj September 02, 2007

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