Getting overly excited about finally finding a "real" video of something you want to see on youtube, and then suddenly against your will, the truth is revealed. It is just a video of "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley
This is the real episode 9 of Salad Fingers!...:doodooodoshdoooshadoo: You have been rick rolled!
#rick #rolled #rick roll'd #youtube #noob
by Rolledbyrickalot May 24, 2009
Top Definition
to be tricked into clicking a link of a Rick Astley video.
ZOMG!! thats the 4th time i've been rick rolled today.
#rick #astley #rolled #video #trick
by Murgz May 13, 2007
To be tricked, through any method, into clicking a link that takes you to the Rick Astley video "Never Gonna Give You Up".
FFS, thats the third time I have been rick rolled today!
#rick #roll #rickroll #rick astley #astley
by asd123444 May 17, 2007
tricking someone to click a link that takes you to Rick Astley's 'Never gonna give you up' music video.
click here to see Halo 3 video!
Rick rolled!
#rick rolled #rickrolled #rick #rolled #astley #tricked
by _MJ_ May 17, 2007
To be tricked by a forum troll into clicking on a Rick Astley music video.
*clicks link* Damnit, rickrolled again! Wtf is this shit. Hmm he's kinda sexy actually. I think I'm gonna watch the whole thing.
#vagina #rick #astley #rickrolled #ass
by spybot May 14, 2007
To trick someone into watching a Rick Astley video, commonly used on gaming forums when asked for proof of a game/movie trailer or any other type of video evidence.
I asked bob to see the Halo 3 trailer but instead he Rick Rolled me.

#rick astley #rick roll'd #rick roll #rick rolled #link tricks #video tricks
by T Rizz May 30, 2007
Similar to the Duckrolled internet fad that was around about a year ago. Rickrolled is generally used on forums, message boards, or IRC. You click a link expecting to see something relating to the thread, and instead it takes you to the Rick Astley music video "Never gonna give you up".

Popularized by the SomethingAwful and World of Warcraft forums in March of 2007, it's starting to disperse onto more websites as of May.
Someone posts a thread that says "check out my new car", when you click the link it takes you to a YouTube video of Rick Astley's "Never gonna give you up" music video. To which you usually reply with a derogatory remarks or "RICKROLLED."
#rick #rolled #rickrolled #astley #duckrolled
by J.Caspy420 May 14, 2007
Deceiving a person or people to somehow watch, or see the "Never Gonna Give You Up" video by Rick Astley.
Rick Rolling can also be a real life act of the music clip - normally by playing the song and having an impostor sing or dance to the video. Thus "Rick Rolling" the unsuspecting audience.
It is popular on video's that promise exclusive footage - such as a GTA4 gameplay, Or Halo3 exclusive.
Someone just came into the stadium dressed as Rick Astley and danced, while the music was playing. We all got Rick Rolled.


Clicking the link to a video of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up", thus being Rick Rolled.
#rick #astley #roll #rolled #never gonna give you up
by Turnloose April 02, 2008
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