Taking a shit in the outdoors, generally within eyesight of a public toilet.

Great pleasure is usually taken in watching the shit slide out and against the ball sack, hitting the ground, narrowly missing bunched up shorts or pants which are around one's ankles.

Furthermore, the tweeting sounds of nature and the Australian outback must be 'taken in' throughout the whole faecal process.

A number of wipes of toilet paper must be used to clean both the tainted anus and the back wall of the dangled ball bag.
Male 1: Fuck dude I need to smash out a shit.

Male 2: There's a public toilet just over there or you can knock out a hermon under that tree right next to it.

Male 1: I will use the public one's, I just cant be fucked wiping my ball bag today.
by permitbreach69 November 14, 2010
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