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A polite way of telling someone that they are WAY too gullible into believing everything they see.
Dude, you've been Rick Rolled !
by dw817 October 17, 2010
25 11
What happens to you when you're stupid enough to search porn on YouTube. -.-
P1: I keep getting Rickrolled on Youtube?

P2: Did you search up porn again?

P1: ....

P2: Exactly. -.-
by Whatwhowhere April 13, 2010
14 2
<html>Being tricked into clicking on a link secretly leading to a video of "Never gonna give you up" by Rick Astley. It's speculated that being "Rick Roll'd" originated from Brooks Dyer of Hermon, Maine. (Distant relative of Rick Astley, famous in Maine) See his homepage <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBGIQ7ZuuiU">here</a> </html>
Everyone gets Rick rolled now'adays
by Zeke38 July 10, 2008
21 15
When you click a link anticipating certain content, but instead find a video of Rick Astley's one hit wonder "Never gonna give you up"
I clicked on a link to the trailer for GTA4.. but instead got rickrolled!
by madddskillz May 23, 2007
17 12
Popular forum prank started in 2007. Someone will post a link to a Rick Astley video from the 1980s (Astley is a gay-looking pop singer from the 80s), but disguise it as a link to something else. Victims of the prank are then said to have been "rickrolled".
sup all, there's a new Harry Potter trailer! Check it out!

<insert disguised link to Rick Astley video here>

wtf? where's the harry potter trailer?

you just got rickrolled!!!11! lol
by rebel7254 May 19, 2007
19 17
Being tricked to watch "Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up" through a post on forums, the video usually leads to a youtube video

My new pvp video is really good, check it out (link video)

by Moond May 16, 2007
12 10
to be reamed during call of dutty due to a bad conection
ok so i shoot you 20 times with an ak 47 and you knife me alright i just got rickrolled
by httpawsomerealnigs June 30, 2011
4 3