One of the baddest and best-looking motherfuckers of all time. A guy whose drink every bitch should hold at least once in her life. A Cocaine-sniffing, Charlie Murphy slapping, slap bass playing, 80s superfreak who used to go to clubs and approached females and would lick the whole side of their faces.

A mad-niggerish dude who wished he had more hands so he could give all of your titties four thumbs down. That would be "cold-blooded"!!!!!
To Kevin, Wim and Christian: "I'm Rick James, bitches. It's Friday, it's a celebration bitches." Bang Bang !!! Bang Bang!!!
by DizizEgyptiancottonmothafok March 04, 2010
For awhile after Chapelle did a scit about him on Chapelle's Show, many people could be heard yelling "Im Rick James Bitch" across the school halls. Sadely the real Rick James died shortly there after. Also sadely, one of his most notable last comments was, "Cocain is a hell of a drug".
person A-"Im Rick James bitch"
person B-"Rick James is dead bitch"
by Tyler December 29, 2004
The "Rick James" is a type of sexual pleasure.
When a man is shuving his penis in a women's ass, he says Oh My God I'm going to Cum! Then he cums in his hand, and then spits on her back so she thinks he cummed on her. Then the man walks up to her and says...What did the 5 fingers say to the face? "Slap!"
Then the man slaps her in the face with cum.
Example: Guess what? My boyfriend did the "Rick James" to me, and I dumped his a$$!

Example: Last night...I did the "Rick James" to Richard Simmons!
by Frizz da Shizz September 12, 2004
fried up coke fiend from the 80s who enjoys using the word Bitch, fuck yo couch, and darknesses.
its a celebration bitches...I'm rick james!!!
by swordsman April 21, 2004
When a woman won't let you cum in her mouth so you ejaculate on your hand then smack the her in the face and saying "i'm rick james bitch!"
Ashileena would never swallow til i rick james that bitch.
by shadee0ne April 14, 2009
80's pop star re-popularized by chapelle's show. He died August 6, 2004 of natural causes probably stemming for excessive use of drugs during his career.
I'm Rick James, bitch!

RIP Rick James
by killernoodle August 11, 2004
a singer who made the song superfereak. He has more hair extensions then that ghettoe girl down the street. He thinks cocaine is a hell of a drug.
Im rick james bitch
by Dave Chapelle February 24, 2004
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