Rick james was a hit in the 80's, his song was later stolen by the great MC hammer. He did jail time for some funny things including, burning a female with a crack pipe.
-almost everyone of these definitions has something about the dave chappelle skit in it, you mornons better get a fucking clue...its as if you think your the only one who has ever quoted that fucking skit-
by Nero March 15, 2005
songwriter, producer, of the late 70's and 80's
Ya wannna smoke with the ole boy Rick James?
I offer you a truce...the stickiest of the icky
by S.B. May 24, 2004
verb; to furiously and vigorously rub your dirty feet on a friends pillow, couch, or other sacred material posession.
"Dude, you left your pillow on the couch again so I had to rick james the shit out of it with my muddy work boots. Put your shit away from now on."

by sowie1919 October 29, 2007
Attempting to force your way onto people; women in particular. Rick James is notoriously known for his sexual escapades and overall personality, therefore it goes without explanation that the man was slightly out of his mind. The difference between Rick James and other people is that Mr. James was naturally the way he was, normal people become Rick James after a few drinks.
He tried to Rick James that hoe!
by wand September 01, 2007
One of the baddest motha fuckas of all time, one of the best singers, and one of the best lookin motha fuckas uv ever seen
Damn motha fucka, dat nigga Rick James is da baddest ass motha fucka of all time, dat motha fucka gangsta ass nigga will eat ya soul.
by silky van dangler January 14, 2010
motown superstar of the 80's
It's a celebration bitches!!

They should neva gave you niggas monay!!
by s.b. May 24, 2004
Died on Friday, August 6 by natural cuases. You think I'm kidding? Go to yahoo news.
Have some respect for the Superfreak: never say "I'm Rick James, bitch" again.
by pseudonym August 06, 2004

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