When your family has enough money to buy whatever you/they want. You have atleast one expensive car, a house worth atleast a million bucks, and possibly a vacation house. You can afford to go shopping whenever you want and wear designer clothes. People envy you.
Rich People conversation:
Girl: Ehmygod did you like see the new Uggs?
Girl2: Psh like yeah. Those are soo like fifth grade. Did you like see the new Sevens Jeans?
Girl: Ehmygod no! We have to go shopping after school! I'll call my mom on my gold-plated iphone!
*squeals of excitement*
by PotomacIsForRichPeople November 05, 2008
R.I.C.H.-Resting In Christ's Hands:being strong in spirit, not dwelling in Sin, Predestined to win. This term was popularized by a Holy Rapper. In that song he says, "Im reppin Jesus, Im not selling out baby, no I would rather go Hunting with Dick Cheney.
I am RICH. I am Resting in Christ's Hands. I love life. All things are working together for my good. Even though the New World Order is destroying America, i will always be RICH.
by InfoLoveMan November 26, 2013
1. To be in possession of a larger than normal sum of money, typically what could be classed as "a lot"; see wealthy

2. An expletive used when someone accuses you of something, or notes something bad, when they themselves are just as guilty of whatever it is they have said; See hypocrite
1. Poor Man: Wow sir, that sure is alot of money you have there!!!

Rich Man: Yes, and you can't have any of it.

2. Asshole: Hey man, quit being such a dick.

Witty Man: Haha, rich!!!
by TheManSpider November 01, 2013
One who stacks paper to the ceiling and rolls on twenty-four inch chrome.
Mark: damn that guy's rich!
Steve: of course he's rich. His clothes are made out of money.
by The Opportunity December 22, 2009
rich. a person who has more money then you (noah)

a person who is a lot better in so many ways and cant compare to anything else couse he\she is so aweosmely kewl.
jesse and jacob are rich.
by rich people November 10, 2011
Having an abundance in materials or qualites in character and personality.
Money,food, inteligence, fashion and my number one babe R.R!!!!!
by Salascious January 03, 2005
Richard: a term of endearment. a name anyone will respond to.
"youre my rich, rich."

by Rich12345678987654321 September 14, 2013
Something real that happens that is hilarious.
Sue was standing on the beach trying to make talk with Matt when the volleyball hit her square in the face- that was rich!
by Elusive2u April 20, 2005

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