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When someone tells a really boring story for way to long and with no punch line.
Guy 1: yo want to here a story
Guy 2: kk
Guy 1: once i got tolit paper and i got a huge roll of it......
Guy 2: that story was such a nicsmit
by jcsmitty November 25, 2009
when someone is annoying or all up in your grills.
Guy 1: yo man pass me the ball
Guy 2: no
Guy 1: come on man
Guy 2:no
Guy 1: your such a nugget
by jcsmitty November 24, 2009
When someone is a virgin.
Guy 1: r u a virgin still
Guy 2: ya bro
Guy 1: your a rich
Guy 2: kk
by jcsmitty November 25, 2009
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