A person of Caucasian descent (White) who is obsessed with all things Asian. This includes the obsession with Asian culture, Martial Arts, people,language... etc. Will usually be seen with an Asian girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband. This word has a similar meaning to "Rice Queen" but can be applied to both genders.
If you're the only white guy or girl at an Asian wedding, you're probably a "Rice Cracker" :)
by Duc Truong July 10, 2008
Top Definition
an asian person who acts white, frequently seen in asian-americans
Sunnyvale is full of rice crackers.
by branden August 06, 2004
An Asian guy (usually Chinese), who smokes crack because he can't afford opium.

The term was most likely coined during the Opium Wars, during which the corrupt Chinese Government imported opium to feed it's own people. Those in power, made huge profits. Those who couldn't afford, turned to crack. Hence rice cracker was born.
My Friend: Gee, your Uncle Chong is such a Rice cracker!
Me: He's going to be rich soon, he's upgrading to Opium!
by Dablackbooty September 01, 2011
One of asian and white background.
"His dad is white, his mom is chinese...hes a ricecracker!"
by Hiiiiiiiiii October 05, 2006
A couple consisting of one asian and one caucasian. One part rice (asian) one part cracker (white) equals ricecracker. Can refer to gay or straight couples.
Asked how we decribe gay asian and white couples, I coined the term, as I consider myself to be a cracker, and not a rice queen. Ricecracker summed up me and my partner's relationship quite nicely. Also can be referred to as "ricecracker couple."
by W. Elsbury June 12, 2008
a) a person who is hapa/wazn

b) a white-washed azn or a yellow-washed white person
a) Tom is half0-chink and half-cracker. Tom is a rice cracker.

b) Damn, she's hella white-/yellow-washed. She's a f****** rice cracker.
by AzN LeMoN SkIn December 23, 2004
Adorably derogatory pun for whiteys who like Asian crap too much.
Man I just bought a Balinese garuda mask, a Hokusai poster and a dozen maneki neko off eBay. I'm such a rice cracker.
by tengu shoes November 08, 2004
a term that refers to a person of both Asian and Caucasian heritage
"Ronald Chi is the son of an Asian man and a White woman. The kids at school call Ronald a rice cracker"
by iknowmy3tables March 19, 2009
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