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An alcoholic drink made my mixing 1 shot of bacardi 151 with two shots of malibu rum and as much pineapple juice as you like. Caraboulous were made popular by the rapper Tech N9NE, if you havent heard of him, look up his definition and you can see as of 6/15/06 there have been 19 definitions and not one person has talked shit about him. That's hella hard to achieve when you are in the music business. Fuck Haters...

Caraboulou is 151 and Malibu Rum and pineapple so
What's this weakness you tryin' to sell me?

151 Malibu rum and pineapple juice
4 those who don't know that's caribou lou origin in Missou

I'm mixing 151 with Malibu Rum and pineapple juice
Among all my angels and wicked ones
by Branden June 16, 2006
an asian person who acts white, frequently seen in asian-americans
Sunnyvale is full of rice crackers.
by branden August 06, 2004
From that gay ass song where the farmer picks the wife, etc etc and the cheese stands alone. Meant to describe the odd one out in a group because they're single (without a boyfriend/girlfriend).
"We're triple dating, but what about Nadia? She's The Cheese right now..."
by Branden May 21, 2004
An obnoxious contraction of "flaw" and "logic".
Religious nuts use flawgic to support their claims.
by branden January 06, 2006
When, on a two-lane hiway, two cars travel side-by-side at the same (slow) speed, preventing cars from passing them.
No, I'm not going to stop tailgating. We've been stuck behind these traffic buddies going 35 in a 50 zone for ten minutes now.
by branden January 05, 2006
When a driver brakes for no apparent reason, it is said by the aggravated person behind them that they are braking "for victory".
Holy shit, there's absolutely nothing in front of this guy, he needs to cut back on the fucking victory braking.
by branden January 05, 2006
An obnoxious contraction of "inertia" and "initiative". Together, they combine to mean 'taking the lead in doing the same thing we were doing before'.
Matt wants to get some dinner, but Brian took the inertiative and hasn't moved from the couch.
by branden January 06, 2006

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