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Anorexic girls--when you fuck them, you hear the snap, crackle, pop of their malnourished bones breaking.
J: How was it last night with the rice krispie?

B: It was a good time, mate. She's in the hospital now recovering.
by Fatti McGee March 19, 2014
the act of rubbing two vagina's together and then pouring milk in between. should make a squishing noise
janet: we had a rice krispie for breakfast this morning!
kelly: oooh can i have breakfast with you tomorrow?
by rice man September 05, 2006
A fat, white, whore, preferably a young teenager, can also be over the age of 40.

Frannie is such a rice krispie.

Rice crispie's get around to much, in both ways.
by V-dal September 28, 2006

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