The san fran-sisco treat!
Im going to go home and make some tastey rice a roni!
by Big bob March 11, 2003
Top Definition
an interracial relationship consisting of an asian(especially a Chinese) and a Guido Italian.
Ming Qua and Luigi are your typical rice a roni couple. One day they have Lo mein and the next fettucine.
by Poonstankqua January 07, 2009
Packaged flavored rice dish.
I think I will cook me some Rice-A-Roni.
by Saints October 13, 2003
Contextual insult in 3 layers:
i. implies the target is gay,
ii. presumes the target would be offended by that implication,
iii. refers indirectly to the city of San Francisco as home to both the food product "Rice-a-Roni" (according to their well-known 1970s ad campaigns in the USA) and a large, well-established homosexual community.

(This definition incorporates the example given by another contributor, to preserve the neutral observation of actual urban usage, in the event that the current votes to remove that definition are successful.)
Dude, drive your P.O.S. home and get some rice a roni.
by SFResident August 03, 2004
A person of mixed Italian and Asian descent. Identifiable by the fact that they look Asian, but have curly hair.
Look at that Giuseppe Kwan. What rice-a-roni.
by keberT_xelA August 28, 2008
The 70's game show prize of last resort. Even if you didn't win anything ; at least they sent you home with a box of Rice-a-Roni - the San Francisco treat.
A person you hook-up with at the end of the night out of desperation.
Girl 1: There are absolutely no good-looking guys here but I don't want to go home alone.
Girl 2: Well, take that guy over there home with you; he's not that bad-looking and you can dump him in the morning
Girl 1: Yeah, I guess he's my Rice-a-Roni for tonight
by Jacks25 August 23, 2009
the signature dish of SF.
Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco treat. ding ding!
by frisco sally February 21, 2005
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