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a statement or question so stupid it doesn't deserve a response
the other day steve asked something so rhetardical i didn't even answer him.
by Boyles July 15, 2008
Is a figure of speech in the form of a question that is asked in order to make yourself look like a fucktard
Did you here Bob's rhetardical question to his girlfriend about dating her cousin if they break up.
by Jammer 89 February 25, 2014
When a question is so retarded that it can't be answered because of it's sheer retarded~ness.
Joe asked something so massively rhetardical that I pretended I didn't hear him, left the room, and hid all of the sharp objects in my apartment to restrain myself from hurting him the next time he asked a question.

When my teacher told me that there were no stupid questions, all the kids in my class purposely started asking the most rhetardical questions that she stood there speechless and almost changed her mind.
by donnthuan23 February 09, 2011

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