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A particularly notorious member on a web forum know for their stupid antics. Also, to do something like a that member. i.e, to be a revtard.
"Dude, that was totally a revtard move."
by Motorcycle Man October 15, 2007
An mildly retarded male with the ability to attract beautiful women into the sac.
You have no chance of hooking up with girls when a revtard is at the party.
by zack j July 02, 2006
A retarded male who no matter what has the thought he is the best in everything Even thou he phails at life and everything involved in it. But still manages to maintain the thought he is the best.
Man that kid is a revtard all he talks about is how he owns.
by Flaminbowz June 25, 2009
A mildly retarded, slightly fat male who can have sex with any woman he wants.
If your mom is hot and your friend is a revtard, then your friend has probably boned your mom.
by vernon j July 02, 2006
Referring to Rev(a retard/REVOLU710N) on Halo PC. Worse than retard. Much worse than retard.
Dude, your such a revtard.
by REVOLU710N June 22, 2009
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