this is the most idiotic thing i've ever heard of. numbness is caused by lack of blood flow. an erection requires excessive blood flow. you can't have both! if you gave this definition a thumb's up, you need to go back to 8th grade health class.
some moron is trying this right now.
by anonymous March 02, 2005
Top Definition
Using an anesthetic agent to create a numbing sensation over the users penis to still allow erection, but dismiss any feeling in the area. This allows the user to masturbate his penis without any feeling creating a sensation that the user is jacking off another person.
Thomas is not openly gay, therefore he must use the reverse stranger in order to feel like he still with another man, and get the pleasure he wants at the same time.
#stranger #reverse stranger #handjob #gay rape #reverse reacharound
by Sealclubber March 20, 2008
When you sit on your dick, then give your self a handjob. It makes it feel like you're giving someone else a handjob.
I was tired of the same old wank, so I gave my self a reverse stranger
by PeeTee P October 26, 2004
The opposite of the stranger. Accomplished by sticking your dick in a cooler filled with ice cubes until it goes numb, and then jerking yourself off pretending that you're jerking off someone else.
I really missed my boyfriend last night so I gave myself the Reverse Stranger and then I felt better.
#stranger #handjob #jerking off #alabama hot pocket #mississippi birdbath
by Moooonyoz August 08, 2010
When you lay on your cock until it falls asleep so it feels like you're jerking off a stranger. As opposed to a Stranger, where you sit on your hand until it falls asleep, then masturbate for the sensation of being jerked off by a stranger.
Having tired of the Standard Stranger, Charley decided to flip onto his belly and go for the Reverse Stranger.
#stranger #jerk off #reversestranger #masturbate #cookiebater
by htims wehttam March 30, 2010
The "Stranger" is a sex act, whereby a person sits on his hand until it is numb before masturbating, so that it will feel as though someone else is giving him a handjob.

The "Reverse Stranger" is the act of sitting on your own genitals until they are numb, so that when you masturbate it feels like you are pleasuring another person.
Doing the "Reverse Stranger" can lead to acute thrombosis.
#stranger #the stranger #masturbate #masturbation #handjob #numb-nuts.
by Frasier Nutzov November 26, 2011
The act of sitting on another persons hand until it falls asleep, then you jerk them off.
My wife gave me a reverse stranger and now my hand is tingling. I hate pins and needles.
#stranger #reverse stranger #handjob #jerk off #stick shift #handy
by I am Fred May 18, 2010
This act is simply when your finger slips through the toilet paper and you find yourself on the business end of it. Aptly named due to the same surprise one would experience during "the stranger"
Man I took on an extra job in the shitter when I was finishing up the paperwork and I pulled a reverse stranger on myself.
#the reverse stranger #the stranger #stranger #fingerling #finger
by Jeefers July 27, 2006
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