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Young people that dress in the fashion trends of the 70's/80's but are convinced that it's a new look.
That kid with the muttonchops and bandanna thinks he's original but actually he's "Retrotarded".
#young #stupid #fashion #original #lame
by NAD1979 November 04, 2011
A particularly extreme Mercury Retrograde period, such that even trivial communication fails spectacularly. Packages are delivered incorrectly, e-mailed messages are lost to the electronic void, and civilization crumbles as confused citizens squint, confused and helpless, at text messages that were sent hours late to the wrong person.
A. S. Mercury retrograde ends tonight 11:21 pm PST

Amy A. IMHO, this one has been particularly "retrogrady"!

Chris H. ‎@Amy - I'd go so far as to say "retrotarded".
#mercury retrograde #retrograde #retarded #retrogrady #mercury
by jesus_is_lord_of_me December 29, 2010
old AND retarded
man, yo momma gotta nice ass, but she retrotarded!
by kevin February 14, 2004
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