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The finest girl ever. To have a sexy smile.
He was so into Loren he didn't know what to do. She had a hot smile.
by beatrice April 28, 2004
anything pertaining to shit, or, infact, a shit.
exampple: this chocoalte tastes like borry bitch! OR that fat mole is such a borry, i say we shave her dog for this shit!
by beatrice September 14, 2004
a band from australia who think they are the latest in "punk" sing crappy emo songs.
why the hell would you go to a nsh show? there'll be emos there.
by beatrice August 07, 2004
To look for aliens.
Last night I Scluked, but had no luck.
by Beatrice June 10, 2004
retrotardation being an outdated loser with zero knowledge of current events,or a loser with no technical knowledge who like to do things the old way because it's just easier.
I'm suffering from a case of retrotardation,My name is Allen and I think my email address is my website!
by Beatrice July 17, 2004
kind of like aloha except expression used by folk in little china town
Bromhilda: Hello Beatrice, what a fine day we are having

Beatrice: ikimao!!
by Beatrice July 22, 2003
any minga female that is obese
ohhh look at spherical girl waddle, quit eating bitch
by beatrice September 14, 2004
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