A variation of the word retard, usually meant in a derogatory or profound way. Often used in a message board forum or chatrooms.
Originated from an Atlanta based messaged board titled: theregularguys.com
The Regular Guys are a local Atlanta radio show known for it's brutal humor and extreme opinions. It's rumored that one "Cletus" coined the phrase "retart" while posting on theregularguys.com in the midst of a 13 day drunk.
Only a retart would vote for himself as worst alter ever.
by Paigey June 02, 2005
Some one who spells retard like retarT.
"It's spelled with a "T"" Kristen said.
"You are a retart Kristen."
by ho-town girlie April 07, 2005
1. a retarded poptart.
2. a noob in a toaster.
I eat retarts for breakfast.
by Lunaris604 July 03, 2006
Hybrid of the words RETARD and TART. 2 in 1.
ie. Christ, you're such a retart!
by Fred April 11, 2005
a girl that makes really stupid decisions about realationships and the opposite sex in general.
Breanna was a real retart when it came to Sean.
by Linlinners October 10, 2006
An offshoot of retard, however more in the sense of social abilities and common sense things.
JC, you are a retart. You are a Math major, yet you can't add.
by Trevor October 19, 2004

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