What you call an idiot trying to spell retard.
Randan fucking fails at life. What a cunt ass retart.
by Cowtilla December 21, 2009
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A word that was born on Facebook on New Years Eve 2012-2013. This word originated from swag fags and teen pages during page raids trying to tell the pages that were raiding that they were retards or retarded. After that date the word will begin to be overused in a sarcastic and ironic manner.
Decently Funny Pages: Shut down your shit page. Its terrible and cancerous.
Swag Fag/Like Whore Pages: Ummmm.... Are you people retart? Stop writing on our page haters!
by MrJSmith December 31, 2012
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1) A retarded way of spelling retard.
2) A retarded tart.
3) a reheated tart.
White trash redneck #1: "They took'er JERBS"
White trash redneck #2: "Fuckin' RETART! Der terkerJERBSSS"

As Jenny finished sucking the 11nth guys cock, Jimmy exclaimed,"Man, what a RETART"

Lucy reheated the scrotum poptart from earlier.
by Eggpoop October 15, 2013
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An offshoot of retard, however more in the sense of social abilities and common sense things.
JC, you are a retart. You are a Math major, yet you can't add.
by Trevor October 19, 2004
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Some one who spells retard like retarT.
"It's spelled with a "T"" Kristen said.
"You are a retart Kristen."
by ho-town girlie April 07, 2005
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1. a retarded poptart.
2. a noob in a toaster.
by Lunaris604 July 03, 2006
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a girl that makes really stupid decisions about realationships and the opposite sex in general.
Breanna was a real retart when it came to Sean.
by Linlinners October 10, 2006
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