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Retarded spelling of 'retard'
<Buttock> And?
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 11, 2003
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A morons way of saying RETARD...

Dave- Hey retart
Amanda- Hey Dave I think you wanted to say retard!
Dave-your being such a retart!
by Mara Dream June 14, 2008
1. Microwaving an already toastered pastry, such as a Toaster Strudel or Pop Tart.
1. Someone who has had sex so many times, they have transcended "tart".
2. Any object that has been retarted.
My toaster sucks, Imma have to retart this biYATCH.

Your mom is such a retart.

I'm gonna eat this retart, and like it too!
by Del the Funky Homosapien November 11, 2004
retart for the dumb fucks who cant spell retard and claim that retart is actually the real way to say it and spell it. RETARD IS THE REAL WAY TO SPELL IT AND SAY IT. RETARDS.
Jon: you are such a retart.
Dave: dont you mean retard? you retard.
Jon: no wtf is retard? its retart.
by ischoolu August 07, 2008
1. a person, place, thing that has been tarted (made flamboyant and whore-ish) not once but 2 or more times.
2. a reheated pastry
3. retarded spelling of the word retard
the olde prosti sarah spitzer had been retarted to look doubley garish and flambouyant. she was becoming as crusty as a retart.
by EeeeeeF December 05, 2008
A word that was born on Facebook on New Years Eve 2012-2013. This word originated from swag fags and teen pages during page raids trying to tell the pages that were raiding that they were retards or retarded. After that date the word will begin to be overused in a sarcastic and ironic manner.
Decently Funny Pages: Shut down your shit page. Its terrible and cancerous.
Swag Fag/Like Whore Pages: Ummmm.... Are you people retart? Stop writing on our page haters!
by MrJSmith December 31, 2012

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