Top Definition
retardist: one who pursues retardation seemingly as a path to enlightenment
I think Bob has decided to become a retardist full time, have you seen all the stupid things he is trying to do?
by Kaelli April 02, 2010
a mentally handicapped artist
"wow he must have a really difficult life."
"not as bad as you might think. He's a very talented retardist."
by crunch51 November 21, 2014
Retardist - Someone who hates on people because they are not as smart as others or someone with a mental disability.
Oi bro, that retardist is picking on your mum aye?
by Azzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh February 03, 2010
The art of being a retard.
This client should win the retardist of the year award.
by Nicoole February 25, 2015

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