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A pathetic excuse for adults over 18 and the law to give to people under 18, just because they think they're superior.
over 18: The law says you can't have sex, gamble, drink alcohol, buy cigarettes, vote, join the army, watch porn, move out of your parent's house, or have true freedom until you turn 18.

under 18: That's fucking age discrimination and you know it. You and your pathetic excuses. I mean, just because I'm under 18 doesn't mean I should have to take shit from you adults.
by wills0 December 19, 2010
A gay website containing gay pictures e.g. goatse. The creators of 4chan are nothing but fucking faggots.

P.S. 4chan sucks cock!
I fucking hate 4chan.
by wills0 June 22, 2010
A developmental disorder, usually diagnosed in childhood, where the person behaves in a distant manner and haves difficulties socializing. Some high functioning people with the condition are actually quite bright. The person with the condition is NOT retarded. In fact, as I said, some are quite bright.
High functioning autism is a developmental disorder.
by Wills0 July 01, 2009
A school assistant who supports teachers who need help and students who need to stay on task.
Teacher's aides are there to help.
by wills0 July 27, 2009
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