So stupid it's astonishing.
worse i was ever in was last winter me an 3 of my boys went to go steal dirtbikes from another naborhood far as shit from ares like 45 min car ride ,well anyway we broke into the shed ,an when we went to get the bikes they were chained 2gather with a thick ass chain ,and the onloy thing in the shed to use was a fuckin big ass filer ,so we took turns fileing it for like 30 mins an we started to get close then i went out to go check an make sure no1 was comin ,as soon as i stepped out i seen this big ass dude runnin at me so i told every1 sum1s comin an we all ran out into the woods ,so im runnin for a second next thing i no i get stuck in a big ass thron bush one of my boys stoped to help me get out of it ,it took like 15 mins ,then b4 i was fully freeed from the bush we seen the dude an sum1 else he was with comin towards us so we started to run ,an i didnt realize but my shoes were still stuck an tangled in the thorn bush so when i went to run my shoes came off an the dude was to close for me to try an grab them lol ,so i hadda run with no shoes to make a longg ass story short because there is much much much mopre crazy shit that ended up hapening that night, but i hadda spend the rest of the night in some cold ass weather an it snowed there the day b4 not much just a few inches but to be runnin in even a inch of snow with just socks on is cold lol plus with no jacket/hoodie or anything an the naborhood we went to steal them from in nothin but woods an shit so i hadda go round for like 4 hours in like an inch or 2 of snow in the woods no shoes an freezein till finally my one boy found some kids house he ew an we stayed there till the mornin then cought a train home by the way i still had no shoes on the walk to the train then on the train itself then when we got off an hadda walk to the bus stop then from were the bus left us off till my house

by WGP>You27k February 13, 2007
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To be tarded twice..
John who is tarded.. is now retarded
by Rob March 15, 2004
It means "very stupid" but in a more hilarious, weird, and/or spontaneous way. From the Latin word for "slow".

If you want to tick off a politically correct person, just say it. They think it's mean because people with mental problems are not always stupid, except you can't call those people "retarded" in the first place, and nobody cares anyway. Plus, once again, it's from the Latin word for "slow".
*Guy 1 is dancing very strangely.*
Guy 2 to Guy 3: Look at Guy 1 dancing like he's retarded.
by Morshu34576345624555555 October 20, 2013
The R-word, retard(ed), was used in the past to describe a person with an intellectual or developmental disability. Since then, it has morphed into a slang word to mean things like “stupid” or “idiotic.” Many people think it is socially acceptable to use the r-word in this way but the truth is, it hurts and dehumanizes those with an intellectual disability and their family and friends. The Spread the Word to End the Word movement was created to end the pejorative use of the R-word and promote dignity and respect for people with intellectual disabilities. Join the movement by pledging to end the r-word at and vote this definition to the top.
Person 1: I'm so retarded; I forgot to get milk at the grocery store.

Person 2: Hey, I would appreciate it if you didn’t use that word around me anymore. When you use "retarded" as a synonym for "stupid" or "idiotic," you are saying that all people with intellectual disabilities are stupid, and that’s definitely not true.
by spreadtheword June 13, 2012
going back to a German restaurant the day after you recover from symptoms of food poisoning said German restaurant gave you.
Leo is retarded. He is going back for more punishment.
by fuzee420bunny February 24, 2015
A word used to describe someone who is profoundly stupid. A type of stupidity that is an insult to intelligence itself. Politically correct people would like you to be rude to someone in a less offensive way, perhaps by calling them dumb instead. This ignores the fact that dumb, idiot, and many other similar insults used today were all old-timey technical terms for retards. It also ignores the fact that any word used to describe someone of below average ability in any area is an insult to someone with average ability or higher in that area.
<<This party is retarded.

>>Dude! You can't say that anymore. You have to say the party is lame, or it's dumb, or something else!

>> Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. You just insulted people who cannot walk and people who cannot talk.
by Solve'et Coagula November 11, 2015
90% of the Clan Mail I recieve in Clash of Clans
The Clan Mail I woke up to in Clash of Clans are retarded
by Mr. Awesome II April 27, 2015
Retarded is one of the most misused words in the English language. It is often said as an insult to someone who is dumb although it means something COMPLETELY different. According to many offline dictionaries, retarded means "To be slow or late".
Steve arrives late to school. When he comes in, his friend, Alex insults him.
Alex: Your so retarded Steve!
Steve: I know right! I was so late today!
by APersonInOZ July 16, 2015

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