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to be utterly stupid like no tomorrow
Retard #1 Helmon: "sup cuz hows the car?"

Retard #2 Nadal: "its ok bra i parked it in and added headlights"

Retard #3 Haydur: "So where did u park the trolley?"

Cool Asian Guy: "Fucking retarded lebs"
by Nadal the Retard September 15, 2010
the top definition of this word on this site. (see above)
The person who made that ridiculous list must be retarded.
by hallucinog3n March 27, 2010
A person of average intelligence whose actions personify a mental deficiency
Sue is so retarded for dating that loser.

Don't be retarded, of course the team will suck this year!
by BaileyMac March 13, 2010
Do you people even know what the word means?
Geez, If you dont, Your a real sad person for calling people who arnt retarded, retarded. So next time you call someone retarded, Stop, and think..."Are they really retarded?"
Do i really have to put in an example? honestly
by Brat October 11, 2004
(1) Generally a mentally handicapped person, with an IQ rating of below 80. As such used a general insult of intelligence. This can also be used with brief mental impairment resulting from alcohol or drugs.

(2) A female who induces stupification in all males who gaze upon her.

(3) Anything excepional, fantastic, or otherwise so good that it causes a brief period of mental impairment in the participant. e.g.
(1) "Retards ride the short bus, but they seem to like it."
"I got retarded at that party, a bottle of tequila, pot brownies, and a ball of coke!"
"I was roofie-grade retarded after eating all those Valiums last night."
(2) "Did you see that girl? She was so retarded I was drooling on myself!"
"She's too retarded for me, I swear I'd be speaking like a caveman if I managed to get close enough to talk to her."

(3) "His new car is retarded, I'm so jealous."
"That concert was retarded. I couldn't believe my ears."
by -=KrZ=- June 01, 2003
adj. re·tard·ed Pronounced: ri-'tär-d&d

a. Anyone who uses more than 5% of the examples of "words" presented in this dictionary when addressing another person.
b. Someone too lazy to learn proper grammar, thus needing to create fragments or unnecessary augmentations of established words when struggling to communicate.
c. A person who makes up words to describe events, emotions, objects, actions, etc. Usually done in an effort to sound original or intelligent - see separate entry paradox
Read a book. Playboy and Hustler magazines do not count. If you were not born that way, you do not have to be retarded.
by SOA December 16, 2006
Slow of mind, unintelligent, mentally distorted, confused, stupified, numb-in-the-head.
The retarded child ate my plastic spoon.
by Tim XYZ October 27, 2003