To slow down or hinder development.
The embalming fluid retarded the decomposition of the corpse.
by William H Ballard III February 12, 2004
A fallacious name people most often use without knowing the real meaning such as "man, that movie was retarded". When really the real meaning of the word is referring to someone with special needs. Which when you use that word in such a silly sentence, think about the people around you that may know someone that they care about with special needs. So, before saying something is "retarded" just stop and think about what that word REALLY means.
"You are so retarded" (when really he is just calling the guy stupid)
by Linda Long September 16, 2011
1. Occurring or developing later than desired or expected; delayed. Relatively slow in mental or emotional or physical development

-This is NOT ment as an adjective to replace stupid, dumb, annoying, unitelligant or any other negative word. This is and only should be used to describe a child that was born with a mental or physcial miscomunication.

Spread the word to end the word.
"That's retarded."
"No, that's stupid, not retarded."
by SpreadTheWord22 November 02, 2011
1. an adjective used to describe something that is slow.

2. slang for stupid, dumb, etc.

3. mentally handicapped

4. adjective used to describe people who get offended over the slang use of the word (#2)
1. Wow, that tree's growth has been quite retarded from its lack of water.

2. Wow Bob, you lit the cat on fire, you're fucking retarded.

3. Jim is in special ed, he's retarded.

4. You're fucking retarded, nobody is making fun of your cousin with down syndrome when they call someone else retarded.
by retardedPerson November 19, 2009
Human beings who are the least understood.
Think before you say "that's retarded"
by anon 174 September 07, 2011

The legitimate definition:
–verb (used with object)
1. to make slow; delay the development or progress of (an action, process, etc.); hinder or impede.

This term is being eliminated across the U.S by advocates for the developmentally disabled because for individuals of higher functioning intellectual impairment, it is demeaning and belittling.

Unfortunately, the word "retarded" (in my opinion) is frequently used--but only by shallow people easily influenced by societal expectations. The slang for "retarded" is frequently used to express contempt or disgust at a person, situation, or idea. Basically, anything the person who says it can't wrap their head around.
1.) Dude, it's like, George Bush is retarded, man.

2.) What, we have a test tomorrow I didn't see coming? That's retarded. Our teacher is totally retarded.

3.) Carrot top is such a retard. He's someone I don't think is funny. He is someone I will make fun of at the cost of someone dealing with serious life-altering psychological issues.

4.) I was driving drunk, and this fucking cop pulled me over because I was swerving over the median or some shit. He was such a retard.

5.) Dude, the dude who wrote this entry is fucking retarded man. That's the only way I can describe it, bro. Cause, dude, man--he doesn't even fuckin' get it, i mean--you know?
by look in the mirror September 22, 2009
(1) Generally a mentally handicapped person, with an IQ rating of below 80. As such used a general insult of intelligence. This can also be used with brief mental impairment resulting from alcohol or drugs.

(2) A female who induces stupification in all males who gaze upon her.

(3) Anything excepional, fantastic, or otherwise so good that it causes a brief period of mental impairment in the participant. e.g.
(1) "Retards ride the short bus, but they seem to like it."
"I got retarded at that party, a bottle of tequila, pot brownies, and a ball of coke!"
"I was roofie-grade retarded after eating all those Valiums last night."
(2) "Did you see that girl? She was so retarded I was drooling on myself!"
"She's too retarded for me, I swear I'd be speaking like a caveman if I managed to get close enough to talk to her."

(3) "His new car is retarded, I'm so jealous."
"That concert was retarded. I couldn't believe my ears."
by -=KrZ=- June 01, 2003

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