extremely, very, to the utmost degree. Usually used to modify another adjective, as in retarded hot, retarded cool, retarded smart, retarded hip, retarded hard, etc.
Dude, that girl is retarded hot.
Man, your Mercury Cougar is a retarded sweet ride.
by banana colada March 23, 2010
Having really good qualities about yourself; havin a banging body; somethin that is just that thang!
"He so retarded wit it!"
"Them shoes is retarded!"
by Tone Tone October 11, 2006
a. Stupid
b. Messed up
c. Crazy, silly, goofy
a. That girl is retarded for stealing when she is rich as hell!
b. Damn boy, your website is looking retarded!
c. Man, it's boring in here. Let's get retarded!
by YoBabyMama July 19, 2005
The act of getting wasted on drink or drugs ie. being in a retarded state.
man I drank so much last night I was retarded.
Lets get retarded.
by Zoomer October 24, 2003
1. Something that is messed up
2. An insult
3. Something that's stupid
1. *looks at poster that's falling off wall* That poster's retarded
2. OMG your face is so retarded
3. Homework is so retarded
by Livvyxoxo April 27, 2014
A puerile state of extreme silliness: Often producing a high degree of comedic value.
Stop dancing on the bar, you're being retarded!
by Tom Foolery II December 25, 2010
The most hateful and hurtful word in the English language.
Originally meaning having an intelectual disability, also known as mental retardation. For some reason people started using it to mean stupid or dumb. Mentally retarded people are anything but dumb. People with disabilities are for sure the most discriminated group of people. How many of you are against racism or sexism? But do you even think twice before you call someone "retarded"?
"Thats soooo retarded".
Honestly? You have no idea.
by itsnotretarded. June 29, 2009

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