A great, kickass game that all the resident evil fanboys can't stop bitching about because it changed it's style. Look dumbasses, the other 4 (Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, Code Veronica being the 4th) were great, but you can't expect Capcom and the RE team to not change the series' style because you don't want them to. They changed the RE formula so it could appeal to a bigger playing crowd. And guess what? IT WORKED. It is extremely narrow-minded of you to not want the series to change just because you don't want it to.
Resident Evil 4 is NOT A DISGRACE to the RE series.
by Adrian February 26, 2006
By far the best gamecube game and resident evil game ever. good scares, awesome gore, great script, and unbelivable sound and graphics make this the most breath taking graphical and action game for gamecube. it fucking owns an di fucking love it.
Best game ever for gamecube. By far. Resident Evil 4 is the greatest.
by Co-Captain Jack August 06, 2006
A game that apparently, the owners of definitions 10, 11, 13, and 14 have not played. For starters, the graphics are terrific for the Gamecube. Maybe they didn't work so hard on the Ps2, but that's because the Ps2 sold out. (So did every other system, but that's besides the point) The storyline is o.k., but not the main feature of the game. (something Killer7 should've thought about...) The real draw to the game is the combat. It takes a intuitive new look on shooters that will be copied for years to come. Specifically, the 3rd-person aspect.

Many RE fanboys continue to hate the game for it's new look on the series. This is NOT what a normal person should think. A NORMAL person will enjoy the game for what it is, a shooter. and for all you fanboys out there, maybe Re4 was just a marketing ploy to get more money, so they could make more RE's like the old ones. (Maybe not Re5, and Re:UC but some...)

Personally, I loved the game. It had a killer draw, some kickass graphics, and some amazing guns. A veteran gamer will enjoy this game (If you haven't already played it) and even newbs to the series will get a kick out of it. But there will still be some fanboys who are SO opposed to it that they refuse to play it, I say to them this: To each their own. You don't want to play Resident Evil's most successful game to date, fine by me. Have fun with Dead Aim.
Me:I like Resident Evil 4 because of it's great graphics, creepy atmosphere, and nice guns.
RE Fanboy: I hate RE4 because it departed from the original mechanics of the series!!!
Me:Don't you have a life outside of RE?
RE Fanboy: Yeah, I also play kingdom hearts, and-
Me: *Pulls out Handcannon and blows him to shit.*
by SushiMan February 27, 2008
Though a lot of people bitch about a departure from the original resident evil trilogy, this game incorporates a new and fresh twist to the series. The writers leave the concept of the T-virus and the G-virus behind, and instead pursue the story of a religious cult in rural Spain that have resurrected body controlling parasites called Las Plagas.

Leon S. Kennedy, the protagonist of Resident Evil 4, is the main character in this game. As Leon, you will have to navigate through a village, a castle, and an island, all while protecting the president's daughter Ashley Graham (who for some reason cannot hold a damn gun and help you out in the game) and while resisting corruption from one of the parasites that was injected into him in the early part of the story.

The game, is absolutely amazing, and is a must to anyone that owns a Nintendo Gamecube, PS2, or Wii.
Dude 1: man just had a dream about humans that had been mutated into either mindless savages, giants, partially invisible insects, and regenerators that can heal themselves!

Dude 2: thats the epitome of Resident Evil 4 man
by yello!!! July 06, 2009
All right, This is not only one of the best games ever, Resident Evil or otherwise, but it is the most overtalked about game in the entire world. The only games that have gotten this much attention are Guitar Hero, Metroid, and Diablo II.

RE:4 is different from its predecessors right off the bat, because it uses live action sequences in the GC version and FMV in the PS2 version(to save time and quality, but it takes a bit longer to load them.).

The game also uses an over the shoulder camera, though the original workings of it did have times where it had the old static camera. Though it really is great for aiming, its at an angle so aiming straight is actually a little left than it would be. There are also times where the camera can hurt you, which is why its a good idea to have a stereo-capable TV to know what around you

Also, the zombies are gone, and replaced with brainwashed, parasite infected cultists. These guys don't want to eat you, they just want you dead. They can use weapons too, so watch it.

A new aiming mechanic was added, thanks to the power of the systems. Now, you can aim for the leg and they'll trip, or aim for the head to stun/kill them.

Most of the game takes place at night, and there are some parts that can get to you at times, like the novistadors. These humans experimented on with the Las Plagas(the parasite, and spanish for the plague.) and turned into bugged freaks. BRRR!

People have bitched about which system its better on. Honestly, it all depends on which system you play it on first to like it. The GC has shorter loading times, a higher polygon count, but Leon S.K.'s hair is blond. BLOND! also, the game is on 2 disks, with one lvl on an ENTIRE DISK! however, the PS2 version has more goodies at the expense of a lower polygon count, one disk, longer load times, and a shallower pixel fog. But, you get stuff like a new mini-mission, starring Ada Wong, and a costume for ashley that makes her invicible and incarriable, making pro mode much easier.

And, if you beat both modes in the PS2, you get access to the mother of all weapons: the PRL-412. this nifty Laser can defeat ANY enemy within two hits gaurenteed! for bosses, you can just flash them and they die. though it is very big, it will become your best friend.

In short, either version is great, so just play it on whichever system you have. If you have both, your choice, if neither, buy one of the systems, or go to a friend who has one of the systems and play it. You will love it. and to all those that say anything else, YOU ARE A BIASED GAMER AND SHOULD BE HUNG AND QUARTERED FOR YOUR OFFENSE IN THE IMAGE OF THE GAMING COMMUNITY!
Seriously, stop talking about Resident Evil 4. Its two years old, for Christ's sake. It should already be out of style. It never revolutionized anything except the RE series. You don't see anyone still talking about Super Mario Bros. on a daily basis, do you?
by maniakkid25 March 29, 2007
A kickass game, but only the PS2 version. Now that the PS2 port is out, people will no longer have to waste 100 extra dollars buying a game cube to play it on and will now have to only pay about 40 bucks to get it on the PS2 WITH BONUS CONTENT such as new weapons, a new playable character (wont say who), new outfits, a movie viewer so u can see all the movies with out having to play through the whole game again, support for widescreen tvs (important for videophilles like me), and a lower difficulty settings for all you pussies who complained it was too hard.
Dont waste your money on that square P.O.S. called Game Cube get the PS2 version of Resident Evil 4 with added features, you wont regret it.
by A Gorilla August 03, 2006
Kickass game that rules all of 2005 so far. Right now for the GC, but also coming out for the far inferior PS2. Capcom, why take a great game and defile it on the PS2? The game will look horrible!
Resident evil 4 kickass. The #1 reason you have been looking for to buy a Cube this year
by chrisguy February 11, 2005

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