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The act of an Orc, Uruk-Hai, or Goblin having an orgasm. The feeling of ecstasy created by the orgasm usually results in murderous behavior. Similarly, the the "Orcgasm" is usually cited by some sort of deviant behavior, such as murder, or thievery. The ejaculate is usually black, and incredibly hot. It also contains strong acidic properties and is not to be handled by anyone less than an expert in Mordology. Interestingly, the Orc/Uruk/Goblin that created the abomination is able to use it as an extension of their body, such as a third arm.
"One does not simply walk into Mordor... the very air you breathe is poison." -Boromir
We believe he was referring to the trace amounts of Orcgasm left in the air.
by SushiMan May 25, 2008
A game that apparently, the owners of definitions 10, 11, 13, and 14 have not played. For starters, the graphics are terrific for the Gamecube. Maybe they didn't work so hard on the Ps2, but that's because the Ps2 sold out. (So did every other system, but that's besides the point) The storyline is o.k., but not the main feature of the game. (something Killer7 should've thought about...) The real draw to the game is the combat. It takes a intuitive new look on shooters that will be copied for years to come. Specifically, the 3rd-person aspect.

Many RE fanboys continue to hate the game for it's new look on the series. This is NOT what a normal person should think. A NORMAL person will enjoy the game for what it is, a shooter. and for all you fanboys out there, maybe Re4 was just a marketing ploy to get more money, so they could make more RE's like the old ones. (Maybe not Re5, and Re:UC but some...)

Personally, I loved the game. It had a killer draw, some kickass graphics, and some amazing guns. A veteran gamer will enjoy this game (If you haven't already played it) and even newbs to the series will get a kick out of it. But there will still be some fanboys who are SO opposed to it that they refuse to play it, I say to them this: To each their own. You don't want to play Resident Evil's most successful game to date, fine by me. Have fun with Dead Aim.
Me:I like Resident Evil 4 because of it's great graphics, creepy atmosphere, and nice guns.
RE Fanboy: I hate RE4 because it departed from the original mechanics of the series!!!
Me:Don't you have a life outside of RE?
RE Fanboy: Yeah, I also play kingdom hearts, and-
Me: *Pulls out Handcannon and blows him to shit.*
by SushiMan February 27, 2008
The people who wrote most of the good definitions for the word editor. They weed out the idiotic defintions, and o.k. the good. They are my heroes.
ME. I AM AN EDITOR. You knew that was coming

Idiotic UD patron: "Julie
A smart, funny girl who everyone is jealous of because I am her boyfriend."

Me: "Not my fault you didn't read the rules dude.
by SushiMan May 25, 2008
The study of the creatures of Mordor, only a select few today are granted this title, Tolkien was among them.
Me:I wish I were an expert in Mordology...
Me:Wow... What happened last night?
by SushiMan May 24, 2008

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