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A man who sells himself for money...or crack. whichever the case may be. Rent boys are often involved with peedy potter.
"Tutton, you know your my rent boy." said peanut
by Peanut June 10, 2004
357 158
A male prostitute, usually servicing other men
I need a rent boy
by Annalisa January 20, 2004
259 77
A Homosexual male Prostitute. The name is derived from the fact when boys rent themselves out to other gay men and get paided for Homosexual sex
''oi rentboy there's ya pimp waiting for you at the bus stop!''
by sweet jesus March 21, 2006
110 25
a homosexual who sells his body for sex. basically a male prostitute. it can also be used to call someone for no reason. to get on their nerves.
Boy: You stupid bitch.
Girl: Shut up, you rent boy.
Boy: :O, *gasp*
by loreeeeeeeeeen May 07, 2008
131 57
Either a male prostitute or a player or supporter of Chelsea FC. Even if they no longer play for Chelsea, the fact that they once did (e.g. Dennis Wise, Graeme Le Saux) means they'll always be thought of as a Rent Boy! Le Saux is just THE ultimate Rent Boy! No wonder Robbie Fowler once showed him his arse! And I don't even like Fowler (ugly Scouse twat) but that incident was funny as fuck!
Hello! Hello! Chelsea Rent Boy! Chelsea Rent Boy!

United are 6 points clear of the Rent Boys in the Premiership. Oy, Rent Boys - keep that trophy nice & shiny coz we're coming to take it back to Old Trafford where it belongs, you shandy-drinking soft Southern shites!!!

Dennis (Un)Wise may now be manager of the Sheep Shaggers but he'll always be a Rent Boy to me!
by joannedj January 14, 2007
232 173
Where as most cakeboys would allow free access to the spare room (entrance at rear), there are some who choose to make a living from it. Such gentlemen are known as "rent boys" - boys to whom one pays rent.
1. "The rent boy went to the supermarket to pick up a fresh batch of KY Jelly"
2. "Fetch me a rent boy"
by stranger December 22, 2004
106 63
(Respectfully) a homosexual, perhaps participating in prostitution.
(M scores a goal on a football video game).
M: Yes, fucking yes, eat that, K-!
K: Sit down, you fucking rent boy.
by J Dane May 15, 2006
95 67