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slang term for subordinate or lower leve person.
also of slave
go make the coffee bitchboy
by tartanbeastie February 11, 2004
the small shitlets fired out with a good fart.
oops there goes another one
by tartanbeastie February 15, 2004
the useful part of a woman
the useless bit of flesh above and below the pish flaps?? the woman
by tartanbeastie February 13, 2004
the vehicle used by timmy's and retards.. usually motorised
check out the mongles timmy wagon
by tartanbeastie February 14, 2004
another word for for shiter or dirtbox.
do you take it up the marmite tunnel?
by tartanbeastie September 03, 2004
broken form of the word spastic.
used usually to describe a complete mong or retard
what a spazz. or hey you spzzy come here
by tartanbeastie February 08, 2004
aberdonian/doric word for pish flaps or pussy curtains
bloody hell mate did you see the tatterwallops on her
by tartanbeastie February 16, 2004

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