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The word that describes the likelihood of a relationship occurring in the place in question, based mostly on the girl:boy ratios found in University prospecti. To be used in a statistical sense, as a piece of evidence for an argument for example.
Will: "Yeh, The University of East Anglia is alright, the teaching isn't perfect, but you can't argue with the relatio; let's just say I'm constantly wearing my wellies" (because he is knee deep in clunge, see 'The Inbetweeners')
by rockgod78 August 01, 2009
A relationship that is based on physical pleasuring (for the guy), convenience (for the guy) and the female's misapprehension that the more she pleases her would-be fella, the more likely he is to like her. It never works out this way. By the time lock-jaw has settled in for the 30th time, the lass is starting to realize she never sees her man a. in daylight b. sober and c. from the belly-button up.
Friend: So how's your lady?
Guy: Who?
Friend: Aren't you talking to that brunette chick I saw you with the other night?
Guy: Oh no, that's just a relatio.
Friend: Umm okay.
Guy: Yeah, she's a real pro- never forgets to mind the stepchildren, if you dig- so I'm having a tough time turning it down.
Friend: What are you gonna do?
Guy: Get drunk and see if she'll pick me up at the bar at 3:30 a.m. despite the fact she has to be at her niece's christening at 9 a.m. And then ignore her for 7 days and wonder if it'd be cool if I call her hotter friend.
Friend: My hat is off to you. That is certainly a relatio.
by Diligents June 17, 2008
(ruh-ley-shee-oh) - noun

The non-sexual bonding time spent with one’s significant other; used to further develop the friendship aspect of the romantic relationship; often involves quiet conversation, hand holding and laughter.
Last night, Ashley and Hugh enjoyed relatio on the couch while watching the romantic comedy Someone Like You.
by cdn-seoul September 21, 2009
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