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The word that describes the likelihood of a relationship occurring in the place in question, based mostly on the girl:boy ratios found in University prospecti. To be used in a statistical sense, as a piece of evidence for an argument for example.
Will: "Yeh, The University of East Anglia is alright, the teaching isn't perfect, but you can't argue with the relatio; let's just say I'm constantly wearing my wellies" (because he is knee deep in clunge, see 'The Inbetweeners')
by rockgod78 August 01, 2009
The perfect temperature for a beer, or any other canned beverage.

Having your bev being stored in a garage, outhouse or shed is perfect as the temperature is regulated by the typically cold English weather and the costs you would spend powering a fridge can be spent on more cans.

The temperature of the can also warms sufficiently by the end so that dregs become even less appealing, and you dont feel bad wasting them.
Alex: Hey Will, do you want a cheeky bud?

Will: Yeah man

Alex: Alright, I'll be right back

Will: Why are you going out there?

Will: *on reciept of the beer* Oooooh, garage temperature, i see!
by rockgod78 October 19, 2010
Noun, a synonym for wife, girlfriend, partner etc.

Often used in a derogatory manner to reaffirm the alpha-male's dominance in the household/relationship;
"Ooooh, homewench, i'm hoooome, NOW MAKE ME A GODDAM SANDWICH!"

Also can be used as a verb. To homewench is to alter to make more effeminate;

When a girl moves into your house and starts putting paintings of babies you don't know and little decorative pillows all over the place, your once awesome batchelor pad has been homewenched, and ruined until you send her packing.
by rockgod78 September 13, 2010
A synonym for safe, respect, nuff love etc. Generally condoning the actions or feelings of the event or person in question.
Alex: Hey man, some guy just tortilla'd my girl, so i smashed him over the head with my bottle of stella.

Matt: Fat Lamp bro, he had that coming.
by rockgod78 July 14, 2010

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