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The adjective formely placed on ones current event when they have failed at completing the objective and meeting the criteria for the given assignment
Jose aquired a reject on his event that is currrent, poor bastard was in the country only 6 weeks
by natedizzle February 26, 2003
8 18
Someone who gets rejected from a group of friends or basiclly life
Go away you fuckin reject, you have no friends, we all hate you
by Shady September 30, 2004
280 134
when the girl you love with all your heart has no feelings for you at all.
I knew Tina was gonna reject me, but I asked her out anyway. And of course she rejected me and now I feel like shit.
by Mike the Ekim January 27, 2006
247 139
One of three options Urban Dictionary Editors have when deciding on which words will be entered.
Roughly 80% of words submitted to the Urban Dictionary are rejected.
by 33Arsenic June 27, 2005
147 58
A dance
Look at Tyquan, him and the stick figures reject and jerk bomb!
by Lady_Wayne April 24, 2009
73 44
1. To decline something

2. A person that is not accepted by anyone
1. Shit, my application was rejected.

2. Look at that ,reject sitting over there, he has no friends.
by Avi Jay March 30, 2011
28 12
reject means to not apply something
by girlypooh02 November 27, 2011
12 5
Off-brand or cut-out merchandise, materials and products not good enough to "make-the-grade".
In reference to sneakers that are clearly not A-stock, "Yo, thems Adidas is rejects", or dungarees "Yo, thems Lee's is rejects".
by Arlan December 01, 2006
14 8