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In short, Kid Cudi.
"Soaring through paradise, when i'm closing my eyes. I'm.... Mr. Solo Dolo."- Kid CuDi

Adds-"Great man, great song."
by adds24 June 25, 2010

part of the popular dance, the jerk. This dance was invented by the Newboyz.
Jose- "Dude look at that guy jerk!"

Reese- "Nah man hes only doing the reject"
by adds24 June 18, 2010
A phrase used when in an awkward situation, usually to make it seem less awkward for yourself, although usually doubling the awkwardness of the others involved.
"I'm so fat, i hate it!" -Fat Girl

*awkward silence*

"Thats awkward." -Chill dude
by adds24 March 22, 2011
Alternative name for weed.
"Some of dat Shticky Icky Icky ICKY OOHWAY!"-Snoop Dogg
by adds24 June 25, 2010

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