"reinharted" - the act of being won over despite all previous criticisms completely changing your perspective of the person, usually by some act of raw talent.

"reinharted" - to command the respect and adoration of previous critics that can't be denied. Original meaning coined by Steven Tyler during American Idol, Season 10, Top 4 performances.

"reinharted" - to become obsessed with Haley Reinhart.
At first I didn't like her, but I totally got reinharted.

"This was a classic moment with classic Haley -- you just Reinharted yourself into the middle of next week." - Steven Tyler

I've been listening to Haley's music every day, all day... I'm totally reinharted.
by iheartreinhart July 07, 2011
to be conned, scammed or robbed
i have just been reinharted
by shawna quinn February 23, 2010

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