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"Get it up." By extension, perform any challenging act.
Those evangelists would be more convincing if they could cut the mustard.
by cornholio October 06, 2003
Does not pass standard. Is not good enough. Is lacking.

The passage about the mustardeer or cutting layers of hardened mustard is bullshit some troll made up.

The first recorded use of the phrase cut the mustard was by O. Henry in 1907, in a story called The Heart of the West: "I looked around and found a proposition that exactly cut the mustard". The modern sense of the idiom is 'to succeed; to have the ability to do something; to come up to expectations', but the phrase is most often used in the negative form, as "can't cut the mustard," meaning 'not able to handle the job'. The cut probably refers to harvesting the plant, so if one cannot cut the mustard, one cannot supply what is best. A phrase preceding cut the mustard is to be the mustard (c. 1903) meaning 'to be special' or 'to be exactly what is needed' with mustard being a slang term for importance. There is also another phrase keen as mustard meaning 'very enthusiastic'.
The story about the Mustardeer does not cut the mustard.
by NoMusturdeersExist October 31, 2014
Men who are unable to "cut the mustard" can more than compensate by simply LICKING THE LID.
She: What's the matter, Mr. Softee? Can't cut the mustard?

He: Don't worry, I'll just lick the lid instead.

She: Oooh, you lover boy, you!
by Hugh Chardon Junior July 04, 2010
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