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A woman who sleeps around with many people but keeps them all secret and appears to be more a prude and hides the slut within. Usually things like the closet bisexual or cheating woman with multiple affairs or encounters. Or a closet harlet.
Man , no wonder he ain't gettin any from her,that bitch is a sex saint with about 5 chicks on the down low.
#harlet #harlot #closet whore #closet bisexual #harlette
by dwb June 11, 2006
Acronym for the Outer Banks (beachish area in North Carolina).
Commonly seen on vehicles-- little round stickers-- on the east coast.
by dwb August 21, 2003
An expression used when returning from an absence.
On IRC, for example:

<Joe> afk
.. other conversation ..
..20 minutes pass..
<Joe> rehis
by dwb August 21, 2003
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