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To repair (as used in Trailer Park Boys)
Once something has been fucked up it must be refuckulated.
by nature's flaw May 21, 2005
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To fix something which has at one point, been fucked.
The aliens fuked over the carburator on engine 4, Im gonna try and refuckulate it.
by coreytrevor,smokesletsgo October 14, 2011
To fix a broken object to put it in some use.
Bidal: Sorry Denis I havn't been able to cum, I have to Refuckulate my penis first.

Denis: It's okay ill just go to Edwards house then.
by Revize November 05, 2010
To power down and then power on a malfunctioning piece of electronic equipment.
Your PC is freezing up and I'd like you to refuckulate it to see if that helps.
by Madmac15 December 23, 2008
what you need to do to yourself to looking at such a retarded fucking site
you fucking nerd, you need to refuckulate yourself
by Dr. Fuckulate August 07, 2008

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